Bubblegum Box Office Collection – Day 1 to 6 Days Collections, Budget, Hit or Flop?

Bubblegum Box Office Collection

Bubblegum box office collection report till now can be viewed on this page. 

Bubblegum is the Telugu movie starring Roshan Kanakala ( son of Rajeev Kanakala and famous Telugu Anchor Suma Kanakala ) and Manasa Choudhary. We can see new generation Telugu cast like Harsha ChemuduChemudu and Kiran Macha on screen. 

Below are the updates regarding the Bubblegum telugu movie collection

Bubblegum Collection

Bubblegum Day wise collections Share in Crores Gross in Crores North America
1st Day (Day 1) 0.68 Cr 1 Cr $5,198
2nd Day ( Day 2) 0.5 Cr 0.8 Cr $3,509
3rd Day (Day 3) 0.42 Cr 0.6 Cr $2,319
4th Day (Day 4) 0.8 Cr 1 Cr $1,089
5th Day (Day 5) 0.46 Cr 0.54 Cr $2,398
6th Day (Day 6) 0.3 Cr* 0.5 Cr*
Bugglegum total collections 3.16 Cr* 4.44 Cr* $14,513(0.12 Cr)
  • Bubblegum on day 1 is expected to collect around 1.5 Cr gross worldwide but it is collected 1.2 Crores of gross in worldwide.
  • Bubbglegum on day 2 collected $3,509 from North America Box Office
  • On Day2 this bubblegum movie collected around 0.8 crores of gross and 0.5 crores of share worldwide.
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Bubblegum Movie Budget

  • The bubblegum movie was produced by Maheswari Movies and People’s Media under a budget of 4 Cr in total

Bubblegum movie hit or flop? 

The bubblegum movie was a Average film in tollywood industry.

Bubblegum Trailer

Bubblegum trailer starts with a poor young guy who does odd jobs for survival. He has one dream to become a famous musician one day and he keeps working on his dream. 

Then a girl comes into his life and gives him comfort first and then love. She suggests his style and she is rich. Her parents usually don’t like our poor hero but she still likes him. 

The time comes when she yells at him at a party and he gets upset. She breaks up with him and this makes him mad. He shouts shirtless riding a bike at night time. 

He then works on his dream to become a musician, works hard, and gets success. Maybe this is the storyline of this movie and can expect a decent hit at the box office.

Trailer Verdict

The trailer of Bubblegum Telugu movie gives us the feeling of Arjun Reddy. Yes, it comes with the template of Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Arjun Reddy movie. Extreme Romance is followed by a love failure and how the hero struggles later.

But here the story continues where Hero works on his dream and tries to succeed. The later part of the movie reminded me of the biopic of Tamil music director Hiphop Tamizha. Hiphop Tamizha who was a love failure worked on his music and gets succeeded.

The storyline was taken as the main plot and it was a movie named Meesaya Murukku. Meesaya Murukku was a success at the box office and this movie is the main reason the music director turned into Hero and did movies as Hero.

Thus I felt the upcoming movie is a mix of Arjun Reddy and Meesaya Murukku. We should wait and watch whether the movie gets successful at the box office or not.

Bubblegum Movie Verdict:

Bubblegum Story:

Sai Aditya (Roshan Kanakala), a middle-class man with aspirations of becoming a DJ, is drawn to Jahnavi (Manasa Chaudhary), an affluent woman. They both fall in love, but as their relationship grows, something occurs that forces Jahnavi to publicly disgrace Adhi. The movie shows what happened afterward—did they split up or reconcile?


Roshan Kanakala, the young hero, dazzles everyone with his debut by displaying his dance prowess and conveying emotions with ease. He has potential because he comes from an acting family; he simply needs to pick the correct scripts. Manasa Chaudhary is a great fit for the role of the wealthy girl; she adds glitz and flair, particularly in the second part. Adhi’s father, portrayed by Chaitu Jonnalagadda (brother of actor Siddhu Jonnalagadda), is a surprising highlight. He makes people laugh with his words and deeds, and Bindu Chandramouli, who plays his wife, does a fantastic job.


The story is told in an uninspiring manner and is one that we have all seen countless times before. But when director and writer Ravikanth Perupu is involved, one would expect memorable phrases that add spice to the story, just like with his last film, Krishna & His Leela.The story is excellent, but Ravikanth might have expressed it more straightforwardly by omitting repetitious scenes from the first part and avoiding overly dramatic moments in the second. The characters portrayed by Anu Haasan, Harsha Chemudu, and Harshavardhan could have been written better because they don’t fully utilize the talents of the performers.


Bubblegum Box Office collection report gets updated from various sources collected online and offline. So these numbers should not be considered accurate ones.


1. Who is the director of bubblegum Telugu movie?

Bubblegum Telugu movie was directed by “Ravikanth Perepu”

2. Who is the heroine of bubble gum Telugu movie?

Maanasa Chowdery was the heroine of Bubblegum Telugu movie, and she is telugu actress

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