Mangalavaram Collections – 14 Days Total Box office Collection

Mangalavaram Collections – Total Box Office Collection

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The Movie titled “ Mangalavaram “ starring Payal Rajput as the heroine is going to be released on November 17th in the year 2023. This village backdrop-based action thriller gained attention with a recently released trailer and the pre-release event for the same was attended by Allu Arjun after receiving the National award.

Director Ajay Bhupathi, who impressed the audience with his first film RX100 coming once again with raw and rustic making. His previous film Mahasamudram failed to meet the expectations. But this time director seems he doesn’t want to miss a chance.

Mangalavaram Collections

Mangalavaram collections are as follows:

Mangalavaram Total Worldwide Collections

Area Wise Mangalavaram Total Collection in Crores
Nizam 4.15 Cr
Ceded 1.45 Cr
Andhra 3.64 Cr
Rest of world 2.65 Cr
Total Collections 12.09 Cr Share (21 Crores Gross)
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Managalavaram Box Office Collections has reached 7.2 Crores share and 13.5 Crores Gross for five days.

Day Wise Mangalavaram Box Office Collection
upto 3 Days 5.7 Cr
upto 5 days 7.2 cr
 upto 8 days 8.63 cr
Upto 9 days 9.16 Cr
upto 11 days 10.09 Cr
upto 12 days 10.34 Cr
upto 14 days 11.09 Cr
Total Mangalavaram Collection 12.09Cr Share (22.7 Crores Gross)

Mangalavaram movie Verdict

Mangalavaram’s movie verdict seems to be good and the movie is getting good reports from all the theatres.

Mangalavaram Paid Premiers

As the makers of the movie put complete trust in the content they planned to play premiers on Thursday. The movie is going to play in the following theatres in respective cities.

  • Vijayawada – Capital Cinemas
  • Vizag – Sharath
  • Nellore – MI Cinemas
  • Kakinada – Chanakya
  • Bhimavaram – AVG Multiplex
  • Guntut – Gowri Shankar

Mangalavaram Trailer Verdict

The first 30 seconds of the trailer are completely carried away by the background score and splendid visuals without uttering a dialogue.

The trailer leaps with a visual of something being written on the wall about the illegal affair between two people. Every Tuesday there is a mysterious death in the village and Tuesday is a favorite for Goddess Mahalakshmi.

The people of the village fear about the mysterious deaths that are happening in the village and their spines tremble with fear after thinking who is going to die next.

Director Ajay Bhupathi once again portrayed Payal Rajput in a bold role including intimate scenes. for Payal Rajput, this movie had the best opportunity to show what she can do in terms of acting.

The action sequences are raw and realistic. Night scenes throughout the trailer were perfect. The cinematographer did their work extremely well in this movie and has to be perfect for this kind of thriller the cinematographer did an outstanding job the visuals are just exceptional.

Ajaneesh Loknath who gained national recognition with his work in Kantara does an excellent job for this movie and the background score needs a special mention.

There are some well-recognised actors in the trailer including Nanditha Swetha, Ajay Gosh, Krishna Chaitanya, Sritheja.

Mangalavaram Movie Review:


The residents in this isolated setting are horrified by a spate of fatalities. The deceased are believed to have had an adulterous affair. Every death happens on Tuesday. The villagers swiftly devise a plan to unravel the mystery surrounding the deaths. Who killed the person? What motivates him or her? This is Mangalavaaram’s primary goal.

Plus Points:

Few people are aware of the main topic Mangalavaaram attempts to address; hence the filmmaker should be especially commended for doing something different in a big Telugu film. The film’s premise and obscenity have a very thin line between them, and if it hadn’t been handled skillfully, the entire point would have been lost.In the second half of the movie, things start to make sense. We learn about Payal Rajput’s past and the difficulties she confronts. A few noteworthy turns are also revealed. The last one to appear is quite strong. This second hour of the story is engaging for the most part. Others might not even try to play a character as unorthodox as Payal Rajput’s. In terms of performance, Payal Rajput was excellent. The actor did an excellent job portraying her character, who has a health condition. Her ability is evident in the way she sheds tears during poignant occasions. Mangalavaaram’s second hero is Ajaneesh Loknath.

Minus Points:

The narration is erratic throughout the first half, which is below average. The initial configuration is not optimal. The introduction of Payal Rajput occurs near the halfway point, but that is not the issue at hand. There isn’t much excitement in the scenes leading up to the intermission. The community has a string of killings, but the tension is not sufficiently raised. A few situations are poorly depicted, such as the one in which the peasants fight among themselves.Without a doubt, the background score is excellent, but the first hour’s narrative is shallow. Although the technical values are amazing, the thrilling moments are absent. A well-known actor made a brief appearance in the movie, but the role is poorly developed. There are a few awkward moments in the presentation. The narrative style would occasionally make us think of a recent Telugu hit movie.

FAQ about Mangalavaram Movie:

1. Is Mangalavaram Movie a Hit or Flop?

The Mangalavaram movie was a commercial hit in Tollywood in terms of collections.

2. What is the budget of Mangalavaram Movie?

Mangalavaram Movie budget was around 10 Crores of Indian rupees

3. Is Mangalavaram available in Ott?

we can watch Mangalavaram Movie on "Disney plus Hotstar" OTT platform.

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