Atharva Box Office Collection – 3 Days Total Collections

Atharva Box Office Collection

Atharva Box Office Collection will be posted in this article. Atharva is a Telugu movie starring Karthik Raju as a hero and Simran Choudhary as a heroine.

Karthik Raju is back with the Atharva Telugu movie, and the released trailer and teasers look very good. Hero and Heroine of the movie looks good on screen, and we can expect a good watch on 01st Dec in the year 2023.

Along with Karthik Raju and Simran Choudhary, we can also see  Ayraa, ArviKrishnahna, Kabir Duhan Singh, G.Marimuthu, Anand, Kiran Macha, Shiva Kumar, Vijaya Rama Raju and Gagan vihari.  in this movie, We will be updating all the information regarding the Atharva movie box office collection here, so stay tuned to this page. Mahesh Reddy directed this movie.

Atharva Total Box Office Collections

Atharva Box Office Collection report as per known sources is updated below.

Day Wise Atharva Collection Report

Day 1 0.15 CR
Day 2 0.13 CR
Day 3 0.15 CR
Total Collections 0.43 CR

Atharva Movie Review and Rating

Atharva Movie Rating – 2.5 out of 5

Atharva movie was a suspense thriller Movie and, in this film, Hero wants to become the police. In that process he was facing many problems in their life, finally, instead of cop, he joined in clues team. After his journey was changed.

Plot of the Atharva

The film revolves around a murder case. Hero’s dream in the movie was to be a policeman but due to faciof asthma he failed to achieve that, Later on, with the advice of his friend he joined Clue’s team, in that team, he got one murder case, then how Hero solved that case was the movie.

The music composed by Sricharan Pakala was excellent and other cast and crew of the movie did well. Even though it is a Debut movie for the director Mahesh Reddy he did well and must be appreciated for his work.

Atharva Movie Verdect

Atharva movie will be released soon in theaters. As per censor board rumors we can hear positive talk about the movie and the full review of the movie will be out by 1st Dec023 on Friday. The movie seems to attract good collections at the box office if the talk comes out well.


Due to his asthma, Kartik Raju’s character Deva Atharva Karna is unable to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer. Someone tells Atharva that there is hope for the Clues Team. After joining the Clues Team, Atharva solves numerous cases by applying his analytical skills. One day, Atharva stumbles across his college crush, Nithya (Simran), at a crime scene. Nithya steadily moves closer to Atharva. Nithya’s friend and Tollywood actress Joshni Huparikar (Ayraa Jain) presents Atharva to her. One day, Joshni and her boyfriend Siva are discovered dead in her apartment. According to the police, Siva shot Joshni before taking his own life. The murder mystery needs to be solved for the remainder of the movie.


While there have been other crime thrillers, Atharva is unique in that it highlights the significance of the Clues Team in resolving murders. After starting the job, the protagonist solves a few cases, and the first hour of these scenes is intense.In the movie, Karthik Raju had a passable performance. Simran Choudhary performs admirably in a small part. Ayraa Jain performed a good job. The movie moves along quickly in the first half. Despite a brief lull in the action, Joshni’s character’s murder sets the movie back on course.


While the first half is passable, the second half has issues. The main problem is that everything is resolved quickly, taking away the element of interest. The movie aims to be subdued considering the subject matter, but eventually, it becomes loud and showy with unnecessary heroes. The speech is awful, and the protracted monologue in the first segment seems especially out of place. The speech also gives the impression that the warning times are commonplace. Atharva is an example of how unnecessary music may detract from a film. The words to those songs are terrible, and the movie would have been far better without them.

At the conclusion, the murders’ motto is made clear. The creators utilized stock video, which didn’t look good on screen, to illustrate this. Although the movie’s developers disclosed that there will be a sequel, there aren’t any intriguing cliffhangers that will leave you waiting for the second installment. If a sequel is ever considered, it must have a strong ending or it will seriously hurt the movie.

For all the updates regarding the Atharva movie Box Office Collections keep coming to this page. The Atharva Box Office numbers are collected from many known and unknown sources. Thus, the collections posted here are only taken from known resources and can’t be treated as the original Atharva movie box office collections.


1. Who is the hero of Atharva movie?

Karthik Raju was the hero of the Movie Atharva Telugu Movie

2. What is the budget of Atharva?

Atharva movie was made with 5 crores of Indian rupees.

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