Katera Box Office Collection – Day 1 to 12 Days, Budget, Movie Hit or Flop?

Katera Box Office Collection

Katera Box Office Collection report till now in detail here. Katera is a Kannada movie that got its release on  29th December 2023.

Katera, the Kannada movie starring Darshan and Aaradhana in the main lead roles. Jagapathi Babu is doing a negative role in the movie.

Tharun Kishore Sudhir directed this movie and V Harikrishna gave music for the movie.

Katera Collection Till Now

Katera Total Box office collection

Day wise Share in Crores
Day 1 11.2 Cr
Day 2 8.4 Cr
Day 3 9 Cr
Day 4 9.3 Cr
Day 5 5 Cr
Day 6 4.1 Cr
Day 7 3.3 Cr
Day 8 2 Cr
Day 9 2 Cr
Day 10 3 Cr
Day 11 1 Cr
Day 12 0.8 Cr*
Total Collections 58.8 Cr*

Katra Performance in Karnataka for 3 Days

Karnataka Day Wise Katera Box Office Collection
Day 1 8 Cr
Day 2 5 Cr
Day 3 6 Cr
Total Katera Collection 19 Cr

Katera Day 1 Collection

  • On day 1, total world wide collections are 11.2 crores Share and 13 crores of gross.
  • Final Katera movie Karnataka Gross on Day 1- 9 Cr
  • Katera Day 1 Karnataka Collection – 8 Cr Share
  • This movie sold 104K tickets on Bookmyshow
  • Katera movie in Karnataka itself collected 4.65 Cr Gross till now
  • In Banglore, Katera movie collected 1.2 Cr Gross
  • The movie sold 1,00,000 tickets already before release making the Gross 2 Cr.
  • So it is easy to estimate that the movie reaches 8 Cr Gross on its very first day.

Katera Advance bookings

  • Katera movie sold 1 L tickets before release on it’s first day and thus the advance bookings reached 2 Cr Gross
  • Bangalore City Advance Bookings for Katera movie reached 1.18 Cr filling theaters upto 80%
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Katera Movie Budget

  • Katera movie budget was approximately around 40 Cr, 20 crores for making cost, and the movie got its release by Rockline Entertainment.including promotions and others casts the total budget was around 40 crores

Katera Rating

Katera public rating before release – 3.25 out of 5

Katera Hit or Flop?

Katera movie was a Hit Movie.

Katera is about a village where a weaponsmith named Katera tries to save village farmers from the atrocities made by landlords. The drama runs in the late 70’s and the entire setup reflects the location. Also, Hero loves heroine from different castes and all by himself tries to face the feudalists.

Darshan was back with his mass once again. The BGM was terrific and all the supporting cast did well. The movie had some backlogs but Darshan’s mass-packed performance does justice to your ticket money. Go and watch this movie for sure in nearby theaters. Katera movie is the second collaboration of Tharun and Darshan. The movie is better than the debut. The movie is filled with commercial elements and thrills are guaranteed.

Darshan is famous for making Action movies and this movie gives you full meals. The movie runs for 183 minutes and you won’t get bored as the screenplay is gripping. Hero serving justice for poor farmers and saving them from cruel landlords is the main theme of the movie. You will love this movie for sure even though it is a simple and not so complex action drama.

Katera Trailer

Since the trailer is good and promising, the audience voted for the movie online and gave 4 out of 5 stars for the movie.

Katera looks like an action drama. Darshan is known for doing good action movies and fans are eagerly waiting to watch this flick.

Katera’s story revolves around a few main characters played by lead roles. The trailer opens with a digging job to find Skeletons. A female lead says that this is her first time inspecting so many skeletons coming out of earth.

Then the build-up for the hero starts right on screen and Veteran actor Vinod tells about the hero and how he took their village idol to his village.

Hero works in a furnace and he loves his job. He faces so many issues and Jagapathi Babu is shown in a negative role. The people are treated low and how the village revolts may be the main plot of the movie

The romantic scenes shown in the trailer are not so appealing.

Trailer Review

One who saw the Telugu blockbuster Rangasthalam easily gets those vibes in dressing of a hero and Heroine.

Even the background visuals and art department took Rangasthalam as an inspiration. The camera work is not that great and production values are not that great either.

The editing work is not so impressive and the sudden drop from action to romance looks naive.

Katera movie is making good sound at the box office. The movie is a mass action drama where the hero fights for Farmers. The story where wealthy and cruel landlords mistreat poor farmers and hero comes to their rescue. People love to watch massy Darshan on screen. The movie opened well with 11 Cr Share and 20 Cr Gross on its opening day. The movie is all set to generate one more 10 Cr Share and 20 Cr Gross at box office on Day 2. The movie can easily pass through and Katera Box Office Collection can easily reach 30 Cr Share mark on its third day. The Gross Katera Collection easily reach 50 Cr.


Katera box office collection Updated here are collected from various sources offline and online. So they should not be treated as accurate ones.

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