Pindam Box Office Collection – Day 6

Pindam Box Office Collection 

This article will be updated with the latest Box Office Collection of the movie “Pindam”.. Pindam is a Telugu movie starring Srikanth Sriram and Kushee Ravi releasing this Friday.

Srikanth Sriram is coming with a Pindam movie and the released teasers, trailers, and songs look promising. The on-screen chemistry of the lead pair promises an enjoyable cinematic experience this week.

Along with Srikanth Sriram and Kushee Ravi, we can also see Eswari Rao, Srinivas Avasarala, Ravi Varma, Manik Reddy, Baby Chaitra, Baby Ieisha, Vijayalakshmi, Srilatha, and others in this movie. We will be updating all the information regarding the Pindam movie box office collection here, so stay tuned to this page. Saikiran Daida worked on this movie.

Pindam Total Collection

Pindam Box Office Collection report as per known sources is updated below.

Day Wise Pindam Collection Report

Pindam Day wise Collection Pindam Total Box Office Collection
Day 1 0.5 Cr
Day 2 0.3 Cr
Day 3 0.5 Cr
Day 4 0.4 Cr
Day 5 0.35 Cr
Day 6 0.3 Cr*
Pindam Total Collection 2.35 Cr
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Pindam Movie Rating

Pindam Movie Rating – 2.5 out of 5

A powerful spirit means the life of a six-year-old girl who is speech impaired. A demonologist enters the screen to solve the issue. How he helps the girl will be the rest of the story.

Plot of the Pindam

A middle-class family compromising man, wife, two daughters, and his mother enters a village. He works in a rice mill and they stay in a rented house that is haunted. The story revolves around the concept of Pindam as the title says.

The music work by Krishna Saurabh Surampalli was excellent. The rest of the cast and crew performed well too. Even though it is the fourth movie for the director Saikiran Daida he did well and must be appreciated for his work.

Pindam Movie Verdict


Antony (Sriram), an accountant in a rice mill, buys a new house in Suklapet. His mother, his two kids Tara (Baby Chaitra) and Sophie (Baby Leisha), as well as his expectant wife Mary (Kushee Ravi), are with him. Strange things soon start happening to every member of the family. They try to leave the house because they think it’s haunted. Demonologist Annamma saves the day for them. What took place next? What secret lies beneath the house?

Plus Points:

When it comes to the backstory, Pindam does it perfectly. The flashback scenes are simultaneously unsettling and fascinating. A significant social issue is addressed in the film, and it is succinctly stated at the conclusion. In his role, Sriram performs admirably. The actor did an amazing job portraying someone who worries about his family. Kushee Ravi is an amazing homemaker who fulfills the description well. Pindam excels in these areas as well as the background score, which are crucial components of a horror movie. The children, Baby Leisha and Baby Chaitra, are excellent in their parts. Eswari Rao makes a lasting impression on a significant figure. The other members of the cast performed as expected.

Minus Points:

Pindam follows the formulaic horror story format that has been popular for several years. It is ludicrous to think that a family moving into a new house will experience a ghostly presence. Not that it’s the main issue, but the tale lacks interesting moments. The first half isn’t very intriguing for the most part. A couple are interesting (if brief) situations in there as well. Instead, what we see are commonplace horror clichés, such as flickering lights, objects moving, picture frames falling off the walls, etc. The largest flaw in Pindam is the jumpscares, which don’t land effectively and look fake. The picture bears a strong similarity to the Hollywood production Conjuring in numerous aspects, which influences the watching experience as well. Another problem with the film’s duration is how much the conclusion is drawn out. The character of Srinivas Avasarala is poorly written.

Even though the plot and story are new the screenplay doesn’t go well and is not much attractive. Masooda left huge hopes in the audience and the Pindam movie didn’t fulfill them.

For all the updates regarding the Pindam movie Box Office Collections keep coming to this page. The Pindam Box Office numbers are collected from many known and unknown sources. Thus, the numbers posted here are only approximate values and can’t be treated as the original Pindam movie box office collections.


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