Salar Box Office Collection – Day 1 to 19 Days Total Collection

Salar Box Office Collection 

The Salar Box Office Collection will be updated in this article. “Salar” is a Telugu movie starring Prabhas and Shruti Haasan, which is scheduled to release this Friday. The movie will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

Prabhas is coming with the Salar movie and the released teasers, trailers, and songs look promising. The on-screen chemistry between the lead pair promises a great cinematic experience this week.

Along with Prabhas and Shruthi Hasan, we can also see Prithviraj Sukumaran, Jagapathi Babu, Bobby Simha, Eeswari Rao, Sapta Giri, Prudhvi Raj, Jhansi and Simran Kaur in this movie. We will be updating all the information regarding the Salar movie box office collection here, so stay tuned to this page. Prashanth Neel worked on this movie.

Salar Total Collection

The Salar Box Office Collection report as per known sources is updated below.

Day Wise Salar Collection Report

Salar Day-wise Collection Salar Total Box Office Collection Salar Collection Share
Day 1 167 Cr Gross 98 Cr
Day 2 85 Cr Gross 45 Cr
Day 3 79 Cr Gross 42 Cr
Day 4 69 Cr 37 Cr
Day 5 36 Cr 18 Cr
Day 6 30 Cr 15 Cr
Day 7 20 Cr 10 Cr
Day 8 15 Cr 9.5 Cr
Day 9 18 Cr 12 Cr
Day 10 21 Cr 10 Cr
Day 11 34 Cr 18 Cr
Day 12   10 Cr
Day 13   8 Cr
Day 14   7 Cr
Day 15   6 Cr
Day 16   8 Cr
Day 17   5 Cr
Day 18   4 Cr
Day 19   2.5 Cr*
Salar Total Collection 574 Cr Gross 363 Cr Share
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Salar Movie Collection Updates

The Salar Telugu movie Box Office collection updates are as below.

Salar Day 9 Collection

Salar movie 9 days collection from Hindi Language

Salar Collection Day Wise Salar Box Office Collection
Day 1 15.75 Cr
Day 2 16.35 Cr
Day 3 21.1 Cr
Day 4 15 Cr
Day 5 9.1 Cr
Day 6 8 Cr
Day 7 7.2 Cr
Day 8 6 Cr
Day 9 7.5 Cr
Total Salar Box Office 106 Cr

Salar 5 Days Collection

Salar collected 36 Cr Gross and 18 Cr Share on Day 5

Salar movie broke the record of Ala Vaikuntapuram by collecting more than 160 Cr for 5 days

Now Salar stood as a Non-Bahubali hit in Tollywood.

Salar Advance Bookings Hindi Version All Languages
Day 1 4.21 Cr 41 Cr
Day 2 2.47 Cr 15.9 Cr
Day 3 3.63 Cr 16.6 Cr
Day 4 2.29 Cr 10.85 Cr
Day 5 0.85 Cr 4.05 Cr
Salar USA Bookings North American Salar Collection
Premiers+Day 1 $3,841,425 (800 Locs)
Day 2 $1,047,863 (706 Locs)
Day 3 $727,558 (636 Locs)
Day 4 $833,183 (535 Locs)
Day 5 $537,417 (516 Locs)
Total 5 days Salar Gross $6,987,445 [₹58.23 Crs]
USA $5,854,092
CANADA $1,133,353
Kerala Salar Box Office Collection Salar Total Kerala Collection
Day 1 4.65 Cr
Day 2 2.63 Cr
Day 3 2.26 Cr
Day 4 1.8 Cr
Day 5 1.05 Cr
Total 5 Days Collection 12.39 Cr

Salar movie 5 days box office collection in Kerala is below par and disappointing

Area Wise Salar Box Office Collection Salar Total Box Office Collection(Gross)
Telugu States 174 Cr
Karnataka 32.6 Cr
Tamil Nadu 16.8 Cr
Kerala 12.3 Cr
North India 95 Cr
Total India 330.5 Cr
Overseas 98 Cr
Global Box Office  428.5 Cr Approximately

Salar 4 Days Box Office Collection

  • Salar for 4 days collected around 110 Crores in both the Telugu states
  • Salar created a record by collecting 18 Croes in the Telugu States on Day 4
Kerala Salar Box Office Collection Salar Total Kerala Collection
Day 1 4.65 Cr
Day 2 2.63 Cr
Day 3 2.26 Cr
Day 4 1.8 Cr
Total 4 Days Collection 11.34 Cr

Salar 3 Days Collection

Area Wise Salar Box Office Collection Salar Total Box Office Collection
Telugu States 134 Cr
Karnataka 27 Cr
Tamil Nadu 14 Cr
Kerala 9 Cr
North India 70 Cr
Total India 254 Cr
Overseas US$9.3M [₹77.35cr] 
Global Box Office  332 Cr Approximately

Salar 1st Day Collection

  • Salar Hindi till evening collected 10.68 Cr Share
  • Total Salar Evenings shows collected 11 Cr
  • Salar evening shows collected 7 Cr in Telugu, 2.5 Cr in Hindi, 0.82 Cr Tamil Nadu, 0.51Cr in Kerala and 0.24 Cr in Karnataka
  • Salar grossed $222,955 from 209 Locations at North America box office
  • Watching the trend we can expect a 150 Cr Gross Worldwide for Salar on Day 1
  • All Evening and Night shows are getting filled for Salar in Hyderabad City
  • Salar from the USA and Canada collected $76,659 till 7 AM EST

Salar 1st Day Box Office Collection – 96 Cr

Salar movie total Box Office Collection till now – 96 Crores share

Salar Pre-Sales (Advance Bookings)

  • North American pre-sales will be more than $2.56 M
  • From the USA and Canada (North America), Salar movie crossed $2.18 M Gross by 6 PM EST
  • The Pre-sales from the UK and Ireland are around £163K (₹1.72cr)
  • Hyderabad is the main city for Telugu cinema from here, Salar Movie did pre-sales of around 10.3 cr standing behind RRR which did 10.8 Cr Pre-Sales
  • Salar collected around 25 crore from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  • Salar Kerala state pre-sales around 2.6 Cr
  • Bangalore Salar movie collected 6 Cr advance sales
  • All over India, Salar movie seems to collect 47 Cr in bookings
  • “The Hindi version of the movie ‘Salar’ has sold 75,000 tickets across PVR, INOX, and PVP.”
  • Salar movie Overseas pre-sales $4M(33.3 Cr) and counting 
  • The worldwide gross advance of Salar till now is 80 Crore.

Salar movie Pre-booking in National Chain Multiplexes like PVR, PVP, and Inox

  • Andhra Pradesh – 13.25 L
  • Telangana – 6L
  • North India – 5.25 L
  • Karnataka – 3.25 L
  • Kerala – 1.5 L
  • Tamil Nadu – 1 L
  • All Over India – 30.25 L
  • Pre Sales for Salar Movie, On Book My Show, 20.77  tickets sold for Salar movie
  • Sales for Salar movie premieres in North America exceeded $2M, making it the third-highest opening for an Indian cinema.

Salar Pre-Release Business

Area Wise Pre-Release Business in Crore
Telangana 60 Cr
Andhra Pradesh 84 Cr
Tamil Nadu 12 Cr
Karnataka 30 Cr
Kerala 6 Cr
Hindi 75 Cr
Rest of India 3 Cr
Overseas 75 Cr
Total Salar Pre-Release Business 345 Cr

The salar movie was sold for 345 Crore Worldwide. Thus the movie has collected more than 345 Crore to become a Hit movie at Box Office.

To Declare the Salar movie as a box office hit, the Salar collection must reach 350 Crore Shares and 600 Crores for a full run at the box office.

Salar Budget

Salar budget is around 400 Crores. The movie was made in no compromise mode and we can the grandeur of the movie in the trailer itself.

The Captain of the ship Prashanth Neel was great at making action movies and he proved this with his last two movies KGF Part 1 and Part 2.

Salar Hit or Flop?

The salar movie Hit or Flop is definitely a Hit movie. From receiving positive reviews from Overseas we also expect good numbers on Box office.

Fast fillings and heavy bookings tell us this movie will not stop at the box office and fans are eagerly waiting for Salar Part 2.

Salar Run time

  • Salar First Half: 1 Hour 11 Minutes
  • Salar Second Half: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
  • Salar Full Run Time: 2 Hour 54 Minutes

Salar OTT Release Date

Salar movie will be streamed on Netflix and the release date will be announced soon.

Salar Movie Rating

Salar Movie Rating – 3.5/5

Salar is an intense violent drama that revolves around two friends, their families, and communities. The blood starts to flow and never ends till the end and the director gives us a hint for Part 2. There are more characters to remember and the director seems to establish Part 1 to establish characters and make us familiar with the characters.

The movie is not a wonder like KGF but it is a good one to watch for this weekend. Ravi Basrur as a music director didn’t perform well. We can see a fight happening and a not-so-effective Bgm. The movie stood on the stardom of Prabhas and the screenplay was written by Prashanth Neel.

The movie will collect more money indeed and I hope the Part 2 comes fast and gives us more thrills and goosebumps.

The story revolves around two best friends. Prabhas and Prithviraj have been best friends since childhood. The city they live in is full of dangerous gangs. How Prabhas saves his friend from these dangerous criminals will be the main plot of the story.

The music work of Ravi Basrur was excellent, and the rest of the cast and crew of the movie also performed well. Even though it is the fourth movie for the director Prashanth Neel he did well and must be appreciated for his work.

Salar Movie Verdict

Stay updated with the Box Office Collections of Salar movie by visiting this page frequently. The Salar Box Office numbers are collected from many known and unknown sources. Thus, the numbers posted here are only approximate values and can’t be treated as the original Salar movie box office collections.


1. Is Salaar crossed 500 crore?

Salaar part 1 movie crossed 500 crores mark with in 10 days, and this movie going towards 700 Crores at box office.

2. What is the budget of Salaar movie?

Prabhas's Salaar movie was made with around 400 Crores of indian rupees.

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