Saindav Collection – Day 1 to 6 Days, Budget, Ott release date, Movie Hit or Flop?

Saindav Collection

Saindav Collection report is updated below. Saindhav is a Telugu movie starring Victory Venkatesh and Shraddha Srinath. The movie was written and directed by Sailesh Kolanu. 

Sailesh Kolanu was known for playing with guns on screen. He got famous with Hit Universe starring angry young men of Tollywood Viswak Sen and Adivi Desh. This time he is coming with Victory Venkatesh. 

We know that Venkatesh is famous for bringing family audiences to the theaters with his iconic family dramas and comic scenes. But this time the tables have turned and he emerged as John Wick hunting with a gun for his sweet daughter. Let us wait and watch how Saindhav’s movie will impress people. 

Saindav Box Office Collection

Day Wise Saindav Collection Saindav Box Office Collection
Day 1 3.03 Cr
Day 2 1.95 Cr
Day 3 1.62 Cr
Day 4 1.28 Cr
Day 5 0.88 Cr
Day 6 0.5 Cr*
Total Saindhav Box Office Collection 8.87 Cr Share(16.20 Cr Gross)
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Saindav 5 Days Collection

Saindav 5 Days Collection Saindav Box Office Collection
Nizam 2.44 Cr
Ceeded 1 Cr
Andhra 4.13 Cr
Rest of India 0.42 Cr
Overseas 0.88 Cr
Total Saindav Collection for 5 days 8.87 Cr Share(16.20 Cr Gross)
  • Saindhav collected 2.44 Cr from Nizam
  • Saindav collected 1 Cr from Ceeded
  • Saindav Andhra 5 days collection around 4.13 Cr
  • Saidhav from the Rest of India collected 0.42 Cr
  • From Overseas Rest of India, movies collected 0.88 Cr
  • Thus overall Saindav collection for 5 days 8.87 Cr Share and 16.20 Cr Gross

Saindav 4 Days Collection

Saindav 4 Days Collection Saindav Box Office Collection
Nizam 2.36 Cr
Ceeded 0.86 Cr
Andhra 3.51 Cr
Rest of India 0.40 Cr
Overseas 0.85 Cr
Total Saindav Collection for 4 days 7.98 Cr Share(14.60 Cr Gross)
  • Saindav movie for 4 days collected 2.36 Cr from Nizam
  • Saindav collection for 4 days from Ceeded 0.86 Cr
  • From Andhra, the movie collected 3.51 Cr
  • Rest of India, Saindav collection is around 0.40 Cr
  • From Overseas, Saindav collected 0.85 Cr
  • Thus total Saindav movie collection for 4 days is around 7.98 Cr Share and 14.60 Cr Gross

Saindav 3 Days Collection

Saindav 3 Days Collection Saindav Box Office Collection
Nizam 2.16 Cr
Ceeded 0.70 Cr
Andhra 2.59 Cr
Rest of India 0.35 Cr
Overseas 0.80 Cr
Total Saindav Collection for 3 days 6.60 Cr Share(12 Cr Gross)
  • In Nizam, Saindav movie collected 2.16 Cr for 3 days
  • Ceeded Saindhav movie collection around 0.70 Cr
  • Andhra Saindhav box office collection around 2.59 Cr
  • The rest of India Saindhav movie collection is around 0.35 Cr
  • From Overseas the movie collected 0.80 Cr
  • Thus total Saindav 3 days collection is 6.6 Cr Share and 12 Cr Gross

Saindav 2 Days Collection

Saindav 2 Days Collection Saindav Box Office Collection
Nizam 1.88 Cr
Ceeded 0.52 Cr
Andhra 1.73 Cr
Rest of India 0.30 Cr
Overseas 0.55 Cr
Total Saindav Collection for 2 days 4.98 Cr Share(9 Cr Gross)
  • Saindav movie in Nizam collected 1.88 Cr for 2 days
  • From Ceeded, the movie collected 0.52 Cr for 2 days
  • From Andhra, Saindav movie collected 1.73 Cr for 2 days
  • Rest of India, Saindav collected 0.30 Cr
  • Overseas 2 Days Saindav collections 0.55 Cr
  • Thus Saindav movie for  Days collected 4.98 Cr Share and 9 Cr Gross  worldwide

Saindav 1st Day Collection

Saindav Day 1 Collection Saindav Box Office Collection
Nizam 1.10 Cr
Ceeded 0.3 Cr
Andhra 0.98 Cr
Rest of India 0.20 Cr
Overseas 0.45 Cr
Total Saindav Collection on Day 1 3.03 Cr
  • Saindav movie from Nizam collected 1.10 Cr on Day 1
  • From Ceeded, Saindav movie collected 0.3 Cr
  • From Andhra, the movie collected 0.98 Cr
  • From the Rest of India, Saindav movie collected 0.2 Cr
  • Overseas Saindav day 1 collection up to 0.45 Cr
  • Total Saindav movie collection for day 1 3.03 Cr

The action blocks and the rusty look of Venkatesh say it all. We saw him with a machete in Tulasi and now he is coming with a gun. The last time we saw him with a gun was Shadow directed by Meher Ramesh which was an Ultra disaster at the box office. Let us hope it works out well this time and Venkatesh scores a blockbuster at the box office. 

Sanidhav Budget

You won’t believe it but you have to believe it. The 75th venture of Venkatesh movie was built on a budget of 75 Crores. The grandeur-making And no compromise taking spent that much on the money. 

Venkat Boyanapalli produced this movie on the Niharika Entertainment banner. The movie’s trailer says it all and the movie is going to be released in all major Indian languages

Saindhav pre-release business

The movie’s pre-release business was done for 25 Cr. Thus the movie has to collect more than 25 Cr to be declared as a box office hit. 

25 Cr is a small target for a movie like Saindhav. Pretty decent talk can break this target and could deliver profits for the producer. 

Saindhav Rating

Saindhav movie rating – 3.25/5

Saindhav movie hit or flop? 

Saindhav movie verdict – Above Average

Saindav is about a beautiful small family comprising a father, a mother, and a daughter. Father got past which he hides and tries to live a happy life with his wife and daughter. 

While he was living a happy life, his daughter was affected with a rare disease. The disease was so rare that treatment involved crores of money. 

To save her from death wrath, the hero returns to his past, holds a gun once again and starts shooting criminals. The supporting star cast includes Arya and Andrea from Kollywood and Nawazuddin from Bollywood. 

Shraddha Srinath was playing a mother and wife role. We have seen her in the same characterization in the Jersey movie. She only agrees to do roles which are worth watching. Thus Saindhav’s movie has something to offer and let us hope she performs well. 

Saindhav OTT release date

Saindhav movie OTT release date will be soon updated in this article. The OTT streaming platform will be updated here. So stay tuned to our website for updates regarding the Saindhav OTT release date and Saindav OTT streaming platform

Saindhav’s Satellite rights were sold for good money and the movie was released in all major Indian languages. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Saindhav box office


Saindhav collection report is compiled from various known and unknown sources from various offline and online sources. 

Thus Saindhav Box office collection numbers can’t be treated as accurate ones and they are only approximate numbers. 

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