Hi Nanna Total Box office Collection Worldwide

Hi Nanna Total Box Office Collection Worldwide

We will be updating Hi Nanna Total Box Office Collection Worldwide in this article. Stay tuned for more updates.

Hi Nanna is an upcoming Indian Telugu language film. This film was written and directed by debutant Shouryuv and It is produced by Mohan Cherukuri (CVM), Dr. Vijender Reddy Teegala, and Murthy K. S., under Vyra Entertainments. The movie cast includes Nani and Mrunal Thakur.

Nani is an Indian actor, producer, and television presenter known primarily for his work in Telugu cinema. renowned for his versatile acting and he has received two Filmfare Awards and two Nandi Awards for his work. 

Hi Nanna Total Collection

Hi Nanna movie Total Box Office Collection – 40 Cr

Day Wise Hi Nanna Collection Hi Nanna Box Office Collection Hi Nanna North America Box Office
Day 1 5.5 Cr $272,395+$188,301
Day 2 3.5 Cr $250,998
Day 3 7 Cr $291,000
Day 4 8 Cr $181,577
Day 5 3 Cr $51,759
Day 6 2.5 Cr $92,507
Day 7 1.2 Cr $49,850
Day 8 1 Cr $41,993
Day 9 0.6 Cr $80,288
Day 10 0.5 Cr $100,370
Day 11 1.5 Cr $73,063
Day 12 1.3 Cr $26,235
Day 13 0.9 Cr $66,905
Day 14 0.6 Cr $32,658
Day 15 0.5 Cr $7,800
Day 16 0.3 Cr $13,643
Day 17 0.5 Cr $18,985
Day 18 1 Cr $14,589
Day 19 1.1 Cr $6,385
Day 20 0.5 Cr $6,972
Day 21 0.3 Cr $7,868
Day 22 0.2 Cr $5,663
Day 23 0.2 Cr
Total Hi Nanna Movie Box Office Collection 38.2 Cr $1,881,764 [₹15.65 Crs]

Hi Nanna 1st Day collection

Hi Nanna 1st Day Box Office Collection Hi Nanna Movie Collection
Nizam 1.7 Cr
Andhra 1.05 Cr
Ceeded 0.25 Cr
Rest of India 0.5 Cr
Overseas 2 Cr
Total Hi Nana 1st Day Collection 5.5 Cr

Hi Nanna 3 Days Collection

Hi Nanna 3 Days Box Office Collection Hi Nanna Movie Collection
Nizam  4.5 Cr
Andhra 3.7 Cr
Ceeded 1 Cr
Rest of India 1.8 Cr
Overseas 4.5 Cr
Total Hi Nana 3 days Collection 15.5 Cr

Hi Nanna 4 Days Collection

Hi Nanna 4 Days Box Office Collection Hi Nanna Movie Collection
Nizam  7 Cr
Andhra 4.5 Cr
Ceeded 1.2 Cr
Rest of India 2.3 Cr
Overseas 6 Cr
Total Hi Nana 4 days Collection 21 Cr

Hi Nanna 5 Days Collection

Hi Nanna 5 Days Box Office Collection Hi Nanna Movie Collection
Nizam  7.5 Cr
Andhra 5.4Cr
Ceeded 1.9 Cr
Rest of India 2.7 Cr
Overseas 6.5 Cr
Total Hi Nana 5 days Collection 24 Cr

Hi Nanna 14 Days Collection

Hi Nanna 14 Days Box Office Collection Hi Nanna Movie Collection
Nizam  11.22 Cr
Andhra 7.27 Cr
Ceeded 2.51 Cr
Rest of India 4 Cr
Overseas 8.7 Cr
Total Hi Nana 14 days Collection 33.8 Cr

Hi Nanna Day 15 Collection

  • Hi Nanna collected $7,800 From 64 Locations at North America Box office and total Gross reach $1,807,640 [₹15.03 Crs]

Hi Nanna Day 16 Collection

  • Hi Nanna box office collection on day 16 at North India box office $1,713 from 9 Locations till 8 AM EST
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Hi Nanna Budget

Hi Nanna movie budget was around 65 Crores

Hi Nanna Pre-Release Business

  • Nizam- 9Cr
  • Ceeded- 2.8 Cr
  • Andhra- 9.8 Cr
  • Rest of India – 2 Cr
  • Overseas- 6 Cr
  • Worldwide – 29.6 Cr

Hi Nanna Total Box Office Collection Updates

  • On Day 10, the Hi Nanna movie crossed USD 1.5M in the USA
  • Hi Nanna becomes Nani’s 9th film to touch 1 Million USD in the USA
  • Hi Nanna on Day 4 complete collection was $ 100k
  • On Day 4, Hi Nanna at the USA box office reached $950k
  • On Day 3, In the USA Hi Nanna movie reached a Gross of $800K
  • On Day 2, the Hi Nanna movie crossed the $530K mark
  • Hi Nanna movie’s day 1 bookings in Hyderabad – 1.43 Cr Gross
  • Hi Nanna collected $118,144 gross from USA Premiers @7AM

Hi Nanna OTT Release Date

Hi nanna OTT release date – Jan 4th, 2024

Hi Nanna movie OTT rights are sold by Netflix and the satellite rights were sold by Gemini TV.

Hi Nanna Telugu Movie Rating and Verdict

Hi Nanna Movie Rating – 3.25/5

“Hello Nanna, the movie is a deeply emotional journey where the director has taken his time to develop the story. While the first half of the movie is easy to watch, the interval sequence leads to an emotional awakening. The last 40 minutes of the movie are a beautiful and emotionally charged experience, filled with stunning visuals, captivating music, and a smooth and sweet screenplay.”

Hi Nanna Cast and Crew

Hero Nani made his debut in the year 2008 starring in the romantic comedy Ashta Chamma which was a box-office hit. Nani produced his first film D for Dopidi in the year 2013 which made the movie a profitable venture. In the year of 2018, he notably backed with the Awe movie. In the year 2020, he acted in HIT: The First Case and Hit: The Second Case in the year 2022.

The movie Hi Nanna stars Nani, Mrunal Thakur, Baby Kiara Khanna, Jayaram, Angad Bedi, and Sruthi Haasan played major roles in the “Hi Nanna” movie. Nani plays Viraj, Mrunal portrays Yashna, Baby Kiara Khanna acts as Mahi and Sruthis Haasan will make a cameo appearance.

The music was composed by “Hesham Abdul Wahab” was a great music director for Indian cinema, he has composed for many Malayalam movies but he is Best known for his compositions for the soundtrack of the Malayalam Hridayam film in 2022, Kushi movie debut film in Telugu which was super hit in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages and now he composed for “Hi Nanna” movie the songs already got big classic hit, the audience were enjoying with music and the music went viral in youtube.

Mrunal Thakur is an Indian actress. She is very well known for her hard work in the industry. She works in Marathi, Hindi, and Telugu films. Mrunal Thakur began her career in television in 2012 and made her film debut in Love Sonia (2018). Her Telugu debut film, Sita Ramam, was a classic hit.

Mrunal Thakur is now starring opposite Nani in the Telugu-language movie “Hi Nanna.” This is her second Telugu film.  Mrunal Thakur is playing the lead actress role in the “Hi Nanna” movie as Yashna. Hope this movie gives her a blockbuster hit in her career.

Hi Nanna Trailer Verdict

The movie “Hi Nanna” story revolves around a romantic drama film. The movie already created high expectations in the audience and made a huge hit with the classic music. The movie teaser was released in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages. Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages audiences are also loving the song that was released from the “Hi Nanna” movie and waiting for the release of the “Hi Nanna”. 

The music is already been a very big hit in the movie. “Hesham Abdul Wahab” contributed several songs to the movie, which were well-received by the audience, creating high expectations for the film. The buzz is that the movie is going to have 12 songs including all the montages.

The film was set to release on 21st December 2023 but was postponed later. The film is now scheduled to release on 7th December 2023 in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages. The film had planned to premiere in North America on 30 November 2023, a day before its release. It will be screened in 888.

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