Kumbari Collection – Day 1 to 3 Days, Budget, Hit or Flop?

Kumbari Collection | Kumbari Movie Collection

Here is a detailed report of the Kumbari Collection to date. Kumbaari is a Malayalam film that was released on January 5th, 2024. The movie stars Abi Saravanan, Mahana Sanjeevi, John Vijay, and Nallef Gea, and many well-known actors in lead roles. Directed by Kevin Joseph, the film features music by K Bhagyaraj and RV Uday Kumar. This article provides all the necessary information about Kumbaari collection, Kumbaari Movie budget, whether Kumbaari was a hit or flop, and its total worldwide collections.

Kumbaari Collection Till Now

Kumbari Total Box Office collection

Day wise Collection in Crores
Day 1 0.5 Crores
Day 2 0.4 Cr
Day 3 0.3 Cr
Day 4 TBA
Day 5 TBA
Day 6 TBA
Total Kumbari Collections 1.2 Cr

Kumbari Day 1 Collection

  • On 1st day Kumbari movie collected around 0.15 crores share worldwide.

Kumbaari Advance bookings

  • 1st day bookings for Kumbari were around 65 lakhs Indian rupees.
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Kumbari Movie Budget

  • Kumbari movie budget was approximately 3.6 Cr, Out of that 2.5 crores was for making costs, and the remaining 1.1 crore was for cast and production. and the movie was released by Royal Enterprises.

Kumbaari Rating

Kumbaari Movie rating – 3 out of 5

Kumbaari Movie Hit or Flop?

Malayalam Kumari movie Got good responses from various cities in Mollywood, and movie lovers loved this film. this weekend we can watch this movie with the family.

Kumbaari Trailer Verdict

Since the trailer is good and promising, the audience voted for the movie online and gave 4 out of 5 stars for the movie.

Kumbaari looks like a Comedy and Romantic Movie.

Kumbaari Movie Review

As orphans, Vijay Vishwa and Naleep Zia share a childhood and early adulthood. Vijay Vishwa wins Mahana over with his charms. John Vijay, Mahana’s brother, finds out about their romance. In addition to being against it, he also puts Vijay Vishwa in danger. John Vijay is confronted by Naleep Zia, who promises to get Mahana to Vijay Vishwa.

John Vijay has plans to dissolve the marriage, even as Naleep starts to work on it. When Naleep vanishes one day, Vijay rushes to the court believing that John Vijay killed his friend. Nevertheless, it turns out that John Vijay did not kill Naleep. How is Naleep doing? How did he manage to get Mahana and Vijay Vishwa to tell the rest of the story?

Kevin Joseph, the director, built the narrative around love and friendship. The writing may have been improved, and the story is not particularly original. The manner the film has been presented has the director’s signature. Vijay Vishwa has fulfilled his role admirably and remains loyal to his persona. Still, there’s room for development in the acting area. As the second hero, Naleep Zia is remarkable and lived up to expectations. Mahana, the romantic partner, has minimal responsibilities yet excels in her role. John Vijay, who is a key character in the film, has given his typical performance. The remaining members of the cast, Jangri Madhumitha included, have all performed admirably. Cinematographer Prasath Arumugam has done a fantastic job capturing the Kanyakumari locales. Impressive is the local flavor in Jayaprakash’s music.


Kumbaari box office collection Updated here are collected from various sources offline and online. So they should not be treated as accurate ones.

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