Aranam Collection- Day 1 to 4 days, Budget, Hit or Flop?

Aranam Collection | Aranam Movie Collection

Aranam Collection report till now is in detail here. Aranam is a Tamil movie that got its release on 05th January 2024.

Aranam, the Tamil movie starred Piriyan, Lagubaran, Varsha, and Keerthana in the main lead roles. Apart from these main roles, so many known persons acted in this movie.

Piriyan who acted in this film directed this movie and Saajan Madhav gave music for the movie. In this article, you can get all the details of the Aranam Collection, Aranam Budget, Aranam Hit or Flop details, and Aranam 1st day collections.

Aranam Collection Till Now

Aranam Total Box Office collection

Day wise Share in Crores
Day 1 0.07 Crores
Day 2 0.05 Cr
Day 3 0.04 Cr
Day 4 0.03 Cr
Day 5 TBA
Day 6 TBA
Total Collections 0.19 Cr

Aranam Day 1 Collection

  • 1st day Aranam movie collected around 7 lakhs share worldwide.

Aranam Advance bookings

  • Advance bookings for the Aranam movie was around 3.5 Lakhs Indian rupees.
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Aranam Movie Budget

  • Aranam movie budget was approximately around 3 Cr, Out of that 2 crores for making cost, and the remaining 1 crore for cast and production the movie got its release by Uthraa Productions.

Aranam Rating

Aranam Movie rating – 3.5 out of 5

Aranam Hit or Flop?

Aranam is a must-watchable movie, it gives you a thrilling experience. Aranam was a Hit movie, we hope this movie collects more money at the box office as well.

Aranam provides a riveting horror-thriller that expertly combines the paranormal with suspense. Together with the cast’s outstanding performances, Piriyan’s directing skill raises the picture to present a gripping story. Aranam is a must-watch for everyone looking for an unusual horror film.

Aranam Trailer Verdict

Since the trailer is good and promising, the audience voted for the movie online and gave 4 out of 5 stars for the movie.

The release of “Aranam” in 2024 is expected to bring about an intriguing expansion for the Tamil cinema industry. This thriller, which is directed by Piriyan, offers a compelling cinematic experience. which combines aspects of mystery, crime, and terror. The story takes place in Aranthangi and centers on a landlord. This involves handling the intricate relationships between families. One such tale is that of the prodigal son, where Laguparan portrays Mayavana, the main character. This has to do with mysteries, family ties, and secrets. The director, Piriyan, takes on the role of Kathir himself. This gives the narrative more dimension. The plot is further complicated by the sons of two adoptive brothers.

Aranam looks like a Crime, Horror, and Thriller Movie.

Aranam Movie Review

The story takes place in the village of Aranthangi, where Mayavan, the prodigal son of a Zamindar, lives with him. After adopting two fraternity boys, Kathir and Sakthi, the Zamindar experiences an unanticipated loss when Mayavan, who was always at odds with his father about land, passes away too soon.

The Zamindar gives the property to his fraternity sons after Mayavan dies, and the people think that Mayavan’s soul still haunts the mansion. Another unexpected death occurs on the night of the transfer; this time it’s the Zamindar. Witchcraft is used by Kanagu, who is close to the Zamindar, to seize control of the house.

When Kathir and his recentlywed wife move into the bungalow, strange happenings cause them to lose their bliss, raising concerns about whether or not there are supernatural powers at work. The video explores the mystery behind Mayavan’s passing as well as the strange happenings in the house. Together with his younger brother Sakthi, Kathir sets out to discover the truth in this erratic


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