Fight Club Box Office Collection – 8 Days – Tamil Movie

Fight Club Box Office Collection 

Fight Club’s box office collection will be updated in this article. The Tamil movie stars Vijay Kumar and Monisha Mohan Menon and will be released this Friday.

Vijay Kumar is set to release the movie “Fight Club” this week, and the teasers, trailers, and songs that have been released so far look promising. The lead pair appears to have good chemistry on screen, and it’s expected to be an enjoyable experience for movie-goers. The movie also features Karthikeyan Santhanan and Shankar Thas alongside Vijay Kumar and Monisha Mohan Menon. We will be updating the box office collections for “Fight Club” on this page, so stay tuned. Abbas A Rakmath has worked on this movie.

Fight Club Total Collection

The box office collection of Fight Club, as reported by reliable sources, is provided below.

Day Wise Fight Club Collection Report

Fight Club Day wise Collection Fight Club Total Box Office Collection
Day 1 1 Cr
Day 2 0.9 Cr
Day 3 1 Cr
Day 4 0.6 Cr
Day 5 0.6 Cr
Day 6 0.56 Cr
Day 7 0.46 Cr
Day 8 0.3 Cr*
Fight Club Total Collection 5.42 Cr
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Fight Club Movie Rating

Fight Club Movie Rating – 2 out of 5

Hero is a young kid who dreams of being a football player but turns out to be an angry young man who involves himself and his family in disputes. The conflicts grow and how the hero manages to free himself from those clutches is the rest of the story and screenplay.

Plot of the Fight Club

Vijay Kumar dreams of being a football player but his mentor gets by goons. To take revenge he falls into the trap of revenge and that’s when he loses his game. Even though the storyline resembles Vadachennai there is no sticking screenplay. Not so engaging that’s what we can say about this movie.

The music work of Govind Vasantha was excellent and other cast and crew of the movie did well. Even though it is a debut movie for the director Abbas A Rakmath he did well and must be appreciated for his work.

Fight Club Movie Verdict

We are often reminded of Lokesh Kanagaraj and the action genre he has managed to develop over the past few years when it comes to Tamil cinema. Thus, one anticipates the same thing when Lokesh debuts as a movie presenter. And for good reason—Fight Club, the vicious and brutal action movie from freshman filmmaker Abbas A. Rahmath, begins with steady action and doesn’t let up until the very end.

The movie tells the tale of a man who looks up to an elderly man as a mentor and how he becomes drawn into a world of drugs, betrayal, gangsters, and thugs. Abbas’s picture succeeds due to his ability to convey a story in a non-linear fashion and his technical skill, even though the plot is relatively thin and the narrative is predictable.

Although the first half of Fight Club takes place in the North Madras milieu that we have seen a lot, from Vada Chennai to Die No Sir, it is a brisk and fast-paced section of the film with extremely original and well-conceived action. The movie falters a little in the second part when the pattern of predictability creeps in and slows the action down. The picture maintains its momentum without completely collapsing even though the climax falls short of our expectations.

Keep checking this page for the latest updates on the Fight Club Box Office Collection. The Fight Club Box Office numbers are collected from many known and unknown sources. Thus, the numbers posted here are only approximate values and can’t be treated as the original Fight Club movie box office collections.

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