Panchak Collection – Day 1 to 4 Days, Budget, Hit or Flop?

Panchak Collection | Panchak Movie Collection

Here is a detailed report of the Panchak Collection to date. Panchak is a Malayalam film that was released on January 5th, 2024. The movie stars Addinath Kothare, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Bharti Achrekar, and Anand Ingale, and many well-known actors in lead roles. Directed by Rahul Radheshyam, the film features music by Mangesh Dhakdhe. This article provides all the necessary information about the Panchak collection, the Panchak Movie budget, whether Panchak was a hit or flop, and its total worldwide collections.

Panchak Collection Till Now

Panchak Total Box Office collection

Day wise Collection in Crores
Day 1 0.3 Cr
Day 2 0.28 Cr
Day 3 0.3 Cr
Day 4 0.2 Cr
Day 5 TBA
Day 6 TBA
Total Collections 1.08  Cr

Panchak Day 1 Collection

  • Panchak on day 1 collected 0.3 cr at box office.

Panchak Advance bookings

  • Panchak advance bookings seems to be around 25 Lakhs
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Panchak Movie Budget

  • Panchak movie budget was approximately 4 Crores, Out of that 2 crores was for making costs, and the remaining 2 crores was for cast and production. and the movie was released by Vizual Junkies Pvt Ltd.

Panchak Rating

Panchak Movie rating – 2.75/5

Panchak Movie Hit or Flop?

From the audience’s point of view, the Panchak movie is a below-average flick.

Even though the comedy was good and the concept was engaging. The movie walks slowly and tests the patience of the audience.

But here and there laughs entertain us and are worth watching. The movie can be enjoyed with popcorn if you never mind the lag

The movie is about a man who willed his body parts for donation after his death. Even though his family members are against it his son never believed in superstitions

Then a superstition line of 5 members in a family dies if a person dies on a inauspicious day. The family members are trembled by thought and does crazy things on screen out of fear.

The flashback flicks ans lag followed tests the patience of audience. Let us wait and see how much Panchak movie will collect at the box office.

Panchak Trailer Verdict

Since the trailer is good and promising, the audience voted for the movie online and gave 4 out of 5 stars for the movie.

Panchak looks like a Comedy and Drama Movie.

Panchak Movie Review

Madhuri Dixit is returning to her Marathi roots as a producer after a dazzling career as a leading actress. Her first attempt at producing a Marathi film is Panchak. Panchak, which is directed and written by Jayant Jathar and Rahul Awate, is a devastating blow to Konkan superstitions. The star cast of the movie is just as glittering as the constellation it is based on.

The beginning of this situational comedy is the death of Anant Khot (Dilip Prabhavalkar) during the least fortunate moment when the stars were in a PANCHAK constellation. This implies that five more of the deceased’s family members will pass away in the upcoming year. It is not able to carry out any post-death rites that would prevent Panchak because Anant has already willed his body to a hospital.

Madhav (Adinath Kothare), the son of Anant, sees to it that his father’s final desires are carried out. However, the enormous banyan tree-sized family becomes insane over their passing. This includes Aatma (Anand Ingale), Madhav’s brother, and Kaveri (Nandita Patkar), his wife, who is expecting a child. The belief drives Ananta’s elderly siblings Bal (Satish Alekar) and Uttara (Bharti Achrekar) insane. Veena, Madhav’s sister-in-law from Gujarat (Deepti Devi), adds to this wild brawl.

As the Khots navigate their peculiarities and attempt to avoid death’s dance, be ready for an amusing ride. The idea is pretty intriguing, but the execution is a little clumsy and doesn’t tackle any problems head-on. Be it the family dynamics in a crisis or superstitious beliefs.

It’s difficult to identify the star of the group because there are so many of them. Everyone does their duties admirably, but Dilip Prabhavalkar—who is now deceased—leads by example. The exchanges are humorous and fascinating. Situational humor has a volatile quality. The movie does a poor job of maintaining its tone throughout.

The movie presents a perspective on Konkan that may be unfamiliar to us. There are very few shots of the gorgeous surroundings. It delves deeply into Konkan rituals and the extent to which the people adhere to them. The path taken by Jathar and Awate seems to vacillate between maintaining the sarcasm and the situational comedy. The movie is essentially a 120-minute montage of a death’s aftermath. Santosh Mulekar’s background score deserves recognition for its ability to change moods from scene to scene. While the first half is enjoyable, the repetition becomes more difficult to follow in the second half. Conversations, terror, and even scenes are repeated.

Panchak is an all-around passably funny parody that cleverly pokes fun at death superstitions. The film’s subject is pushed to the breaking point despite its short running length. If you can handle a different perspective on death and the customs surrounding it, give it a shot.


Panchak box office collection Updated here is collected from various sources offline and online. So they should not be treated as accurate ones.

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