Sivaji Re Release Collection – Shivaji The Boss

Sivaji Re Release Collection

Sivaji, the Tamil movie starring Rajinikanth and Shriya Saran directed by Shankar, will feature re-release updates in this article.

The movie was released on June 15th, 2007 worldwide and received a great response from the audience. Not only did fans of Rajinikanth enjoy the movie, but it was also loved by the general public, making it a huge blockbuster. The movie ran for a long time in theaters and set several records. Now, after many years, the movie is all set for a re-release, and movie enthusiasts are equally excited as fans to watch this great masterpiece on the big screen once again.

Sivaji Re Release Box Office Collection

Sivaji Re Release collection updates will be mentioned below

Sivaji Re Release Day Wise Box office Collection Sivaji Total Box Office Collection
Day 1  0 Cr
Total Sivaji Re Release Collection 0 Cr

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Sivaji Budget

Sivaji movie was made with a cost of 60 to 90 Crores by MS Guhan and M Saravanan under AVM Productions

Sivaji Box Office Collection

The movie “Sivaji” has grossed between 125 to 160 Crores worldwide.

Is Sivaji Hit or Flop?

The movie was made with a budget of 50 Crore and grossed a whopping 150 Crores at the box office, making it a blockbuster hit.

Sivaji Movie Rating and Verdict

Our Sivaji Movie Rating – 3.75 out of 5

Sivaji movie was released in the year 2007 and stood as one of the greatest commercial movies ever made. The movie revolves around the social elements and how the hero tries to do the Robin Hood Job of taking money from the Rich and distributing it to the Poor.

The memes world later made this more popular and South Indians love this movie. The Songs composed by AR Rahaman gave life to the movie. Even the background score is mind-blowing. 

Shankar sir did an excellent job. The Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues are penned well and the audience loved it. 

Sivaji Re release Movie Review:

Sivaji The Boss was first released in 2007, it became an enormous hit. It was the first Shankar and Rajinikanth joint venture, and it debuted to great global acclaim. It was also the first Tamil movie to enter the UK box office Top 10 ranking. Even after five years (and the enormous success of Enthiran aside), Sivaji remains a highly captivating film in its 3D version because the themes it raised are still important and because it deftly combines Shankar’s directorial technique with Rajinikanth’s charm and qualities.

Shankar uses Rajini’s punch language, comedy, and action sequences to appeal to a wider audience, even if his mission of social transformation serves as the core of the narrative. It is clear from the film that Rajinikanth was enjoying himself while filming Sivaji, which was filmed years before he had a health scare. Rajinikanth is in great form in the role. Watching Rajini mimic Sivaji Ganesan, MGR, and Kamal Haasan while dancing to well-known songs that include them never gets old. In the songs, Shriya, who is portraying his wife Tamilselvi, looks gorgeous.

Upon viewing the updated version, one is left wondering why the film was not first shot in three dimensions. It was a perfect fit for the format because to Thota Tharani’s opulent sets and K V Anand’s amazing camera work. This is amply demonstrated by the incredible graphics in the songs Vaaji vaaji…, Sahana…, and Athiradee… as well as the thrilling action scenes. Maybe for this reason, the filmmakers chose to re-release the film in three dimensions.

The film’s shorter runtime—the original ran for thirty minutes longer—also helps it. The film is now far sharper as a result of the removal of numerous scenes that were previously seen to be drags. Fans don’t have to fear, though, as all of their favorite scenes, songs, and action sequences are still there. These include the coin sequences, the fight that follows the sentence “Singam singleaa thaan varuum” (the lion always walks alone), and the introductory Balleilakka… or Style… songs.

Sivaji Movie OTT 

Sivaji movie can be watched in Amazon Prime Video 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sivaji Movie

  • Is Sivaji a hit or flop? – Hit (Blockbuster)
  • Where to watch Sivaji the Boss in Telugu? – Amazon Prime Video
  • What is the budget of Sivaji the boss? – 50 Crores

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