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Hi Papa Box Office Collection

Hi Papa is an Hindi movie starring Nani and Mrunal Thakur. We will update you with the latest box office collection of the movie in this article.

Nani is back with the Hi Papa movie and the released trailer and teasers look promising. The lead pair looks good on screen, and we can expect a good watch on 07-Dec-23.

Along with Nani and Mrunal Thakur, we can also see Shruti Hasan, Kiara Khanna Shouryu, etc.. in this movie. We will be updating all the information regarding the Hi Papa movie box office collection here, so stay tuned to this page. Shouryu directed this movie.

Hi, Papa movie is the dubbed version of Hi Nanna movie. The movie is getting a good response from premiers so we can expect a decent box office collection for Nani’s movie at the Bollywood box office too.

Hi Papa Total Box Office Collections

Hi Papa Total Box Office Collection around 0.08 Cr

Day Wise Hi Papa Collection Report

Day 1 0.01 CR
Day 2 0.01 CR
Day 3 0.02 CR
Day 4 0.02 CR
Day 5 0.01 CR
Day 6 0.006 Cr
Day 7 0.004 Cr
Total Collections 0.08 CRORES
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Hi Papa Movie Review and Rating

Hi Papa Movie Rating – 3 out of 5.

Hi, Papa is a Family drama Movie.

Plot of the Hi Papa

Which is a Family entertainer

The music work of Hesham Abdul Wahab was excellent and other cast and crew of the movie did well. Although “Hi Papa” is Shouryuv’s debut movie, he did an excellent job that deserves appreciation.

Hi Papa Movie Verdict

Photographer Viraj (Nani) works professionally. Mahi (Kiara Khanna), his daughter, has only him as a dad. Despite her many questions, he never shares anything about her mother with his daughter. One day, though, Dad gives in and promises to tell her everything provided she gets top marks on her class exams. Mahi is the best in her class, but Viraj breaks his word. Outraged, Mahi moves out of her house. Unfortunately for Mahi, an accident is going to happen. But she is saved by Yashna (Mrunal Thakur). The last section of the play focuses on how Yashna transforms Mahi and Viraj’s lives.

The narrative that Shouryuv has written is neither entirely original nor captivating. His screenplay frequently loses its viewers since it moves at a very slow pace. Particularly in the beginning, the romantic part lacks intrigue. The pre-interval scene is where the drama begins. The heart is not touched by emotions as much as it should be. It’s okay with Rashmi Singh’s dialogue.

Nani is a fantastic Viraj. He gives an amazing performance and fully inhabits the role. As Yashna, Mrunal Thakur steals the show. She gives her portrayal of the character her all. Beautiful Kiara Khanna plays Mahi, Viraj’s daughter. As Mahi’s physician, Nassar provides competent assistance. As the father of Yashna, Jayaram leaves his mark. As Justin, Priyadarshi Pulikonda does a wonderful job. As Dr. Aravind, the fiancé of Yashna, Angad Bedi has his moments. Being Dr. Aravind’s brother, Viraj Ashwin fits in naturally. The Odiyamma song has star value because to Shruti Haasan. Others are suitable.

Fair direction is given by Shouryuv. He ought to have been more watchful of the tempo. The Hindi songs by Hesham Abdul Wahab are not very well-known, despite his great melody. The lyrics by Raqueeb Alam and Kausar Munir have a lot of depth. The song picturizations starring Polaki Vijay, Vishwa Raghu, and Bosco Martis are excellent. The background music featuring Hesham Abdul Wahab is powerful. Sanu John Varghese does fantastic cinematography. The action and stunt sequences with Vijay and Pruthvi are thrilling. The production design by Avinash Kolla is excellent. Editing by Praveen Antony could have been more precise. Dubbing is appropriate.

Hi Papa movie will be released on Friday. The movie seems to attract good collections at the box office if the talk comes out well.

For all the updates regarding the Hi Papa movie Box Office Collections keep coming to this page. The Hi Papa Box Office numbers are collected from many known and unknown sources. Thus, the numbers posted here are only approximate values and can’t be treated as the original Hi Papa movie box office collections.

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