Mangalavaram 1st Day Collection – Day 1

Last updated on November 18th, 2023 at 10:08 pm

Mangalavaram 1st Day Collection – Day 1

Mangalavaram 1st Day Collection will be updated in this article. The movie was released on 17th November 2023. Payal Rajput under the direction of her Telugu debut director Ajay Bhupati.

The movie got a good talk from the premiere audience. Also, the main cast of the movie Payal Rajput posted a video on Twitter with the description Might delete it later. She is literally crying in the video with happy tears all over her cheeks. She got emotional after watching Mangalavaram’s movie premiers.

She watched the movie a couple of hours back and said the movie was very good. The response from the audience is outstanding. She confessed in the video that she had given her best in the Managalavaram movie. Also, the response from premiers is so good, and even some famous review pages give good reviews of the movie.

Mangalavaram 1st Day Collection

The day 1 collection of the Mangalvaram movie will be updated in this article. The premiers gave good revenue to the movie. For all the box office collection reports of the Mangalavaram movie visit this page.

Area Wise Mangalavaram First Day Collection in Crores
Nizam 0.95 Cr
Ceded 0.32 Cr
Andhra 0.9 Cr
Rest of India 0.30 Cr
Total Collections 2.56 Cr Share

Mangalavaram movie Verdict

People are rushing to the theatres after movies getting good responses online. The first half of the movie seems to be very good. But the second half of the movie getting some drawback review. The cinematography, editing, and mainly the twists in the movie seem to be attracting more audiences.

The movie was set in a rural area. There are series of killings or deaths in the village which create tension in the audience. Also, there are writings on the wall which gets relate to the deaths in the village. Payal Rajput did an excellent job and she confessed in her recent post on Twitter that this is her best work to date.

Mangalavaram is a unique concept that will be liked by only some set of audiences. The movie has good technical values and the writing gives good chills to the audience. The background score was composed by B Ajaneesh Loknath following a good screenplay tempo. Seems like producers Swathi Reddy Gunupati and Suresh Varma M did a great job which is evident from the production values on the screen.

The premiers are shown in main cities like Vijayawada, Vizag, Nellore, Kakinada, Bhimavaram and Guntur. Also, there is a significant rise in paid premier shows later after getting good reviews from premiers.

Mangnalavaram Day 1 Box Office Collection Report

We will be updating the Mangalavaram Collection report here. The detailed numbers of Mangalavaram Telugu movies will be updated here.

As the movie is getting good response from all corners of Earth we can expect a good day 1 collection of Mangalavaram Telugu movies. Sivendra Dasaradhi did good camera work for the movie and Madhav Kumar Gullapalli did an editing job for the movie. People love the movie and rush to theatres to see Payal Rajput on the screen.

Along with Bollywood beauty Payal Rajput, we can see Muralidhar Goud, Nanditha Swetha, Divya Pillai, Ajmal Amir, Ravindra Vijay, Krishna Chaitanya, Ajay Gosh, Shravan Reddy, Srithej and others. Everyone did a great job and we can see Ajay Bhupati is back to form. He seems to have scored a hit with Mangalavaram movie.

The famous Tollywood star all over the world and the recent National Award winner Pushpa alias Allu Arjun came as a chief guest to the pre-release event of the Mangalavaram movie. Fans rushed to the auditorium to see their favorite actor live. He wished All the best to the Mangalavaram movie and movie unit. Mangalavaram Team loved the gesture Pushpa and is on cloud nine.

The numbers of Mangalavaram 1st day Collection are taken from various sources on the internet. These numbers are only approximate numbers.


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